Hi, this is GraffWorks.

“Okay…what’s a GraffWorks? Is that like Kraftwerk?”

No, but Kraftwerk is great! And they’ve actually had a huge impact on the music I love…

But anyway — hey there, friends. I’m Alex Graff and this is GraffWorks, a website for the stuff that I do.

“Riiiight. But what does that mean?!”

  1. Freelance Digital Marketing
    I do project work for small businesses and non-profits. Need a website or digital marketing help? Look around to learn a little more about Professional Me. And don’t be shy — get in touch and let’s do a coffee date!
  2. User Experience Design
    I’m currently working on my UX design certification through the Interaction Design Foundation. As I learn, this site will host my homework assignments and experiments.
  3. Etcetera…
    It’s not all Works all the time! I also like to write and take photos. So you may also come across the products of Creative Me doing creative stuff to process this weird world.

“So that’s GraffWorks, huh?”

Yep, pretty much. Enjoy!

(And please send me your favorite Kraftwerk-inspired music recommendations.)