You need a website and digital marketing strategy.

But you knew that already! You’re smart, savvy, motivated…and very busy running a small business or non-profit, right? You don’t want to spend more of your limited time understanding and building a digital marketing infrastructure.

Tools, platforms, integrations, updates, best practices, content production, asset management, branding — yeeeeee!!! That’s an overwhelming maze if you’re not used to navigating it.

Don’t stress, I’m here to help!

Not only will I get your online presence in good shape, but I’ll simplify that maze with a straightforward strategy. I work from a couple simple rules…

  1. Focus on the essentials.
    That means I’ll never try to sell you services or products that don’t make sense for your organization. (In fact, I may recommend paring down the stuff you’re already doing so we can maximize efforts and resources.)
  2. Focus on the little guys.
    Look, I’m from a family of entrepreneurs and small business owners. I’m also a longtime do-gooder/volunteer/activist. In short, I am you. So I do this work to amplify our voices through the power of the internet — and simplify the process of using it.

Ready? Let’s do this. 

What would you like to start with?