CPR Plus Blog
Here’s the blog I write and maintain for a small healthcare business. The articles cover topics within the company’s niche and are optimized for search.

Diffusion Communications in Animal Advocacy
Here’s a paper I wrote, which was shared by Faunalytics. I talk about the diffusion of innovations, a theory developed by Everett Rodgers, and how it applies to activism and the spread of progressive ideas.

Getting Better: An Optimistic Future for Healthcare
This cover story I wrote for Honors Magazine profiles Dr. Stephen Klasko, a physician, CEO, and all-around innovative guy in Philadelphia.

Informed Communication = Better Results
In this article I wrote for Faunalytics, I discuss — surprise! — communication. Specifically, I argue that animal advocates should make it a priority to study and understand effective communication.


Alex’s Occasional Writing
This is the blog I haven’t updated in several years because I lost access to it! (Pro tip: Don’t lose the admin credentials to your blogs.)